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“At a time where we are intermingled within all different cultures and societies, it's a struggle to find and remember your own identity and culture. I think this is where Wootz really stands out. It forces you to look and think about your own identity and culture and actually be proud of it as well as try to understand it’s heritage through which it has developed from centuries ago to today. What attracted me to Azadvir Singh and Wootz is his ethos. That is what really intrigued me to want to tell his story so far."

Sebastian Van Der Velde
Director of A Wootz Life Documentary

Documentary by Aardehaus Production
Original Soundtrack by Daman Singh Bali

3 Year Anniversary

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On Monday the 13th, we celebrate 3 years of being given the opportunity to share a message. I set out to create a lifestyle that would encourage people to want to discover more about who they are and where they come from. At the same time I wanted to celebrate the rich heritage and martial background that I, as a Sikh, come from. 

Balancing the act between creating a successful business and maintaining the core principles that I live by on a daily basis has been a challenge and continues to challenge me to this day. But I am given solace in that you, the Wootz Fam have always kept it 100 with us and as a result, together we keep the message of Wootz true to its cause. 

We have the beauty of being individuals and belonging to a rich and cultured past. Discovering where you come from allows you to grow and understand things about yourself that no one could ever teach you. It also helps you carve out a future that is right for you because as the cliche goes, “You don’t know where you're going until you know where you came from.” Some may argue that this creates division, however if you recognise unity in diversity, then you appreciate the wonderful traits that make each of us different. Acceptance of that which is different from yourself allows you to embrace the diversity of humanity. I celebrate that I belong to something unique. I am proud of my heritage and identity and I am honoured that through Wootz I am able to share that message. 

For me, the Wootz journey has only scratched the surface of the story I have to tell. I'm humbled to have all of you to share this journey with me and all of us at Wootz HQ thank you for continuing to walk this path with us.

We have some exciting things planned for our 3 Year Anniversary on Monday so watch this space!

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World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships

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Our Wootz Athlete Mandeep Singh Shergill took to the stage once more to compete in the World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships. This is a 3 day event consisting of a single Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift competition. Mandeep was competing in the single deadlift competition. A year ago today we attended Mandeeps first ever powerlifting competition where he walked away with the gold and he felt confident he would be able be able to bring home the gold once more. It was a tough competition with some strong fellow competitors but they could not compete with Mandeeps lift and he is now World Drug Free Powerlifting Champion in the single deadlift for his weight and category (Junior). We are proud of Mandeeps achievements and look forward to the next competition.

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Turban Up

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Turban Up is a great initiative created by the Sikh Youth Federation to create awareness and educate the Toronto community about the Sikh identity. It was an absolutely brilliant day with a combination of turban tying, art displays, gatka demonstrations and langer. We had a great time setting up shop there and it was a wonderful experience to connect with so many people from various backgrounds and share out identity with them.

Wootz Canada Tour 2015

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On Sunday 26th April, the sangat of Toronto gathered for the Downtown Nagar Kirtan. It's a unique experience to see a thriving city shut down for the day so that the Sikh community can parade through it. Holding the Nagar Kirtan in the city provides the wider community an opportunity to learn about our heritage and history. Starting off at the Better Living centre, the procession makes it's way through the city, with views of the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre where the major sports events happen. 

The Nagar Kirtan reaches Nathan Phillips Square which is also where the City Hall is located. Here the Nagar Kirtan comes to a close and the masses gather in the square. It's an amazing atmosphere and it was great speaking to people and and getting word out about Wootz. Thank you to everyone to who stopped by to say hello and if you didn't get a chance to see my Wootz blade be sure to come to the Malton Nagar Kirtan where you will be able to see it there.

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Wootz Canada Tour 2015

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Surrey Nagar Kirtan 

The first stop on the Canada Tour was the Surrey Nagar Kirtan. The Surrey Nagar Kirtan is a unique event in that the numbers it generates are so huge it's more akin to a parade than a traditional Nagar Kirtan (300,000 people were in attendance this year.)

It was great to connect with new fans of the brand as well see the familiar faces who have supported us since we launched. It's a humbling experience to hear about how people have connected with the brand and what Wootz means to them.

The weather was beautiful and the vibes were amazing. It's awesome to see it grow more each year and to be able to connect with so many people is always fun.

The most memorable part for me was seeing this young kid come into our booth with his dad as he wanted to tie a dastaar. Help was at hand and the look on the kids face once he had tied was priceless. He was so excited. These moments make being here amongst the sangat special as it truly allows me to connect with you, the Wootz Fam. 

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Welcome to the new website Wootz Fam!

As the brand continues to grow I always try to maintain an organic evolution for the customer experience. I wanted to create a website that reflects everything we as a lifestyle brand represent.

I feel now is the right time for the Wootz experience to evolve to the next stage. That also involved a slight name change. We are no longer Wootz Brand. Whilst we are still a lifestyle brand we have grown into something more. Wootz is about living a specific kind of life. It's more then buying a t-shirt and wearing a cool design. The Wootz Life is about holding you to the highest standard of yourself. It's about embracing your identity and heritage. Someone who lives the Wootz Life is proud of who they are and what they represent. 

Through Wootz Life we want to create a cultural hub for the world to explore and find out about all the amazing talent that stems from the Punjabi community. We thank you for being on the journey with us so far and if it is your first time here,

welcome to the Wootz Life.

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