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About Us

Wootz, founded in 2012, is a contemporary lifestyle brand that aims to create clothing and art representative of Sikh history. Our intricately crafted T-shirts and iconography embody tenets of spirituality, bravery and honour. Wootz was founded with the aim to connect a new generation with heritage and history.

Wootz was inspired by the legendary Wootz steel; an ancient crucible steel prized for its incredible – and some say mythical properties of unwavering beauty, strength and durability. These were the qualities that made a sword forged from wootz steel the sword of choice for warriors from a host of Empires. The Wootz steel is now legendary as the art of its manufacture is forever lost to history.

A real Wootz blade, when etched, reveals a lustrous pattern, famed for it’s beauty and respected for its sharp edge and strength. The sword was the Sikhs most valued possession, as it protected everything and everyone around it from tyranny and subjugation. What is more important than something that protects freedom from oppression? That is why the Sikhs treated it with reverence, respect and infinite value.

The legacy of Wootz steel are the foundations for what Wootz is all about – beauty, strength and heritage.

During a time when a warrior’s weapon would accompany him into every battle, the quality of workmanship – meticulous beauty and a lifetime of durability - was of paramount importance for the humble blacksmith creating these fine pieces. Staying true to the traditions and values of those blacksmiths, Wootz T-shirts are selected for their durability and comfort using 100% Fine Jersey cotton. 

Wootz is dedicated to encouraging each and every individual to arm themselves with the knowledge of their great histories and take a genuine interest in the martial way of life; to understand the way of the warrior, their code of conduct, and to impart the martial disciplines of righteousness, self respect, honour and morality into our everyday lives.

This focus of Wootz is bigger than any lone individual. It represents an appreciation and a sense of pride for our own history and heritage. One person can plant the seed for an idea, but it is the masses that have to latch onto it and act so that it may flourish. That’s why Wootz is not just for Sikhs to be proud of Sikh history; it is a celebration of history. It is a celebration of the great feats of mankind and it is a celebration of people coming together and reflecting on their own wonderful lineage.

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