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Giving Back

When the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, introduced the concept of Dasvandh, he set into motion a philosophy that would shape every Sikh’s attitude and way of life, as well as create a positive image of Sikhs and Sikhism for centuries after his passing.

Dasvandh – literally ‘the tenth part’. It refers to the selfless act of donating ten percent of one’s ‘harvest’. Part of this means donating ten percent of your earnings, but another part – arguably a more important part – is the dedication of time to the service of charitable causes, or to help improve the wider community, to aid those less fortunate than ourselves.

The Wootz core philosophy is grounded in Sikh practices and as we continue to grow, we will employ the philosophy of Dasvandh and focus our efforts on working to encourage creative efforts in line with these values. This is a principle that WOOTZ is proud and dedicated to uphold. Your purchases help us create films and documentaries preserving Sikh history. Our first major project was working on the first ever documentary on the history of kirtan and Sikh instruments titled Sikh Musical History - The Untold Story.  

The Dasvandh concept – the idea of giving back - is bigger than Wootz. It is about a collective force of people striving to spread the gift of generosity for the betterment of mankind, which is why we encourage everyone to get involved and start the Dasvandh project. We can work together as a collective unit for good by donating just ten percent of our time, our efforts, our skills, or our money to create a better, more equal world for all of us to be a part of. This is our chance to come together with the power of a single idea behind us and if we can achieve this together, well, ten people dedicating ten percent is more effective than one person dedicating one-hundred percent; imagine what we could do with so many more.

This united responsibility can only become a reality if the ideal of ‘service’ ceases to be something that is seen as obligatory, but one that becomes second-nature and universal. This is what will evolve the collective responsibility towards our fellow men and women across the world. This is what WOOTZ believes in. But more importantly, if you believe this too, then you will be the ones that can make this vision a reality.

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