Our Beginning

Azadvir Singh founded Wootz in 2011 with the aim of celebrating the classical values of chivalry and honour through clothing. A practicing Sikh, Singh’s immersion in his faith and passion for martial arts lie at the centre of the Wootz vision. His aim is to encourage others to take pride in their own heritage and identity through their own personal style.

What is Wootz ?

Wootz is inspired by legendary Wootz steel, a crucible steel favored by warriors and revered for its mythical properties of unwavering beauty, strength, and durability. Both powerful and alluring, genuine Wootz blades featured lustrous etched patterns and razor-sharp edges. Ancient Sikhs recognized these prized blades as the ultimate protectors against tyranny, subjugation and their way of life.

Wootz, a contemporary lifestyle brand, brings this ancient heritage to today’s world through impeccably crafted and intricately patterned graphic T-shirts that nod to the blades’ singular tradition and iconic designs.

Our T-Shirts

Ancient warriors relied on the strength and durability of their blades—their lives and the communities they protected literally depended on the quality of a blacksmith’s craftsmanship. We’ve stayed true to this history by creating limited-edition graphic T-shirts of only the finest quality pure cotton jersey, lovingly sewn and intricately printed by hand in London. Blacksmiths didn’t turn to factories and rushed assembly lines—and we don’t, either. Each design draws inspiration from the inspiring art, architecture, and relics of the East.





Wootz is more than a clothing brand. Through our designs, we aim to honour the memories of the ancient warriors who protected their people, their traditions, and their communities. In turn, we celebrate the martial disciplines of righteousness, self-respect, honour and morality. Though based in the Sikh tradition, Wootz owes its vision to the feats of all great warriors, and we hope our designs will help you celebrate your own unique lineage and heritage.

Know Thy Wootz