Identity. What does it mean to you?

For some, sense of self is connected to appearance, family, faith, culture, and country. For others, it transcends the human blueprint and is forged from friendships, travel, careers, interests…

Wootz is an independent streetwear brand, stylishly exploring individuality through vibrant fashion and art. Inspired by a rich South Asian heritage, our apparel transcends time and place to find a home in a variety of communities around the world.



Wootz is named after the legendary Wootz steel: a premium metal originating from South Asia that was used to forge formidable blades favored by warriors. Revered for their mythical properties, iconic designs, and arrestingly detailed craftsmanship, an ancient legacy is honored today through our collection of graphic T-shirts, hoodies, and backpacks.


Founder Azadvir Singh’s heritage is traced back to the Panjab, located in Northern India. Panjab’s rich history of evocative poetry, incredible fauna, and heroic revolutionaries has imbued Wootz with a great many things including a passion for the arts, an instinct to express creativity and an unwavering warrior’s spirit. 

The essence of our brand may have been birthed centuries ago, but Wootz has flowed out of the subcontinent, through the United Kingdom and across international waters. Our vision is to share with you the Wootz Life ethos, one that encourages the wearer to embrace their identity, celebrate their culture and actively pursue their goals.


The tiger is a symbol of willpower, personal strength, and courage. It has been used throughout South Asia as the emblem of royalty. When someone wears Wootz, they wear the tiger emblem proudly, honouring a rich heritage that spans the ages.

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